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It has come to the point now where young children and teenagers are seriously harming themselves or committing suicide over bullying on websites. There are a lot of campaigns about but there is a lot of other social websites where you can write to people anonymously. On some gaming websites you do not even have to write your name - you can be a "guest" and write to people and say whatever you want. This is not acceptable. You have no idea who is on the other end of the game/social media website and this is where bullying and stranger danger issues begin. 
Why is it acceptable to be "guests" or "anonymous" on websites? It isn't. Think of it this way, if there was no "anonymous" on then maybe the people that committed suicide wouldn't have. Half the time there is no way of tracking these "guest" and "anonymous" bullies so they can continue bullying people online.
This needs to stop. 
As a teacher in training I am beginning to see just how vulnerable children and teenagers are. Bullying can lead to the most horrific situations from self harming to committing suicide. I am sure you realise that this needs to stop. 
Please can you get rid of the "guest" users and writing "anonymous" functions on ALL social media sites and games before anyone else does something dreadful and we see another death in the news. 
If we can get rid of these "guest" and "anonymous" type features on social media websites and online games maybe the youth of today will be able to have fun online without the risk of bullying. as you can see on this website another "anonymous" able website shut down after a teenager committed suicide due to bullying. Why is this acceptable? Why are people allowed to be anonymous online?