Monday, 1 October 2012

Jack and the Beanstalk Project

So the first two weeks at university we had to do a Jack and the Beanstalk production. We had sessions with Rob who taught the songs then we were left on our own to produce one song and a few lines of dialogue.
The first few hours of this project there were a lot of mixed feelings in the group. Most people were unhappy about what we had to do as they weren't into performing, others (me included) were ecstatic about this project as performing was the thing they were happy to do. The boys in the group were definitely the ones that needed the push forward. They were lacking in confidence and needed a confidence boost from us girls and that's what we did.
That's what I think that project was about. Not about creating an amazing show but to get the group together to give each other confidence boosts and work as a team. Working as a team of course is how you succeed in teaching.
When performing the production to the other students and lecturers the whole group had faces of glee and contentment. Every single person in that room was so happy to be performing and when we all sung our group song you could see everyone looking at each other and smiling, a bond had been created.


  1. Not all the boys were scared, I got stuck right into this performance even joined the musical theatre society because i enjoyed it so much :).

  2. yeah you did woohoo :) the boys confidence was not high!!