Friday, 24 August 2012

Animal Hoarders

Anyone watch that Animal Hoarders show on channel four?
Don't even look it up on youtube or anything. It is absolutely disgraceful.

So it's about Terry Thompson, a man from Ohio, with a passion for hoarding things. He hoarded guns, planes, cars, helicopters and wild cats. Not wild cats as in your common tabby cat. Wild cats as in exotic animals. Lions, tigers and bears. He had 18 tigers, 17 lions and 10 bears and multiple wolves, monkeys and baboons. Cages constructed out of thin wire and wood. Very safe.

It turns out that the animals got out, well, they were let out of their cages by Terry in a suicide. He let the animals eat and kill him then they roamed. They didn't attack anyone else. They didn't get anywhere near the public. Yet they still killed the animals.

I know that you can't read the minds of animals. I 100% understand that. But they weren't going off the field apart from one bear that just stopped by the edge of the field and then turned to go back but was shot dead.

I just don't understand how they could kill those animals. I understand if they got out and started getting closer to the public. Yes I agree, they need to be controlled. But they found two lionesses still in the cages. They were showing signs of fear, not anger, yet they were killed too. I just don't understand the way people think. Those two lionesses weren't showing any anger.

I don't like the fact they showed the photos of the animals all dead and bleeding. I think the viewers know the animals were killed, we don't need to see the proof of tractors pulling the dead bodies up the road and piling them all onto the floor.

I also don't see how the american RSPCA weren't called? The police were at his house to see the animals on multiple occasions before the release of these animals.

So it said just now, that Terry had undone his trousers and let them go down to his ankles along with his pants as big cats tend to eat the softest part of the body first, the private area. It was a suicide attempt and his wife must have known that he was going to do it because she had disappeared a few days before the "attack".

Ohio aren't allowing exotic animals to be sold now. Good. Alabama, Nevada, North and South Carolina, West Virginia and Wisconsin are allowing the selling of exotic animals.

At least the 49 animals that were killed had a burial. Oh and one monkey is still missing.

I feel so strongly over the protection of the beautiful animals this world has. This programme has made me angry!

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